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New GOLFstats Homepage

by Ed Pattermann

CEO, Webmaster, Chart Guru, Stats Nut

E-mail me at:

Welcome to the new GOLFstats homepage.

The main section of the new dashboard is the Player Search and Tournament Search.

The Player Results section provides you each access to get results on any player. Choosing a player is easy. Click on the green down arrow, and start typing. As you type, player names that match your characters will appear. Just click on the one you want.  The player you selected will appear in the box.

Next, click on what you want to see.

CAREER STATS gives you everything – year by year scores, year by year performance stats, career chart, and so much more.

ALL TOURNAMENTS gives you the players performance in every tournament they have played in.

ALL YEARS shows you the players performance year by year

SCORES PER YEAR/TOURNAMENT will ask you to select a Year or a Tournament, then show you the players scores in that event or year.

PERFORMANCE ALL YEARS shows you the players performance stats (green hits, fairways hit, etc) for all years

PERFORMANCE PER YEAR/TOURNAMENT will ask you to select a Year or a Tournament, then show you the players performance in that event or year.

Then you can view the Players results in JUST THE MAJORS – either their scores or performance stats.

CAREER CHARTS shows you a array of charts illustrating the players results.

WHERE WINNERS COME FROM lets you track how your player performed round by round in tournaments they won


PLAYER 8 YEAR GLANCE shows you the players best tournaments over the past 8 years.

To the right of the Player Results section is the Tournament Results Section.

You first select a tournament using the drop down menu. Scroll down to the tournament you want to look at, then click on it.

The Tournament name will then appear in the text area under ‘Choose a Tournament’.

You can then click on any of the options below.

HISTORICAL STATS gives you a tournament historical chart, the ability to look at any year of the tournament, any players performance in the tournament (scores or performance), tournament records, and much more. Give it a try and check it out.

ALL PLAYERS shows you results for any player who played in this tournament a minimum of 3 times.

ALL YEARS shows you the results per year for this tournament.

SCORE PER YEAR/PLAYER will ask you to select a Year or a Player, then show you the scores in that tournament for that year or that player.

PERFORMANCE PER YEAR/PLAYER will ask you to select a Year or a Player, then show you the performance results in that tournament for that year or that player.

TOURNAMENT CHARTS will illustrate using charts the results all time for this tournament.

WHERE WINNERS COME FROM lets you track the position round by round for every winner of this tournament.


TOURNAMENT 8 YEAR GLANCE shows you the best players in this tournament over the past 8 years.


This section will show current results charts for your favorite tour and favorite player. If you haven’t identified a favorite tour and player yet, tours and players will be selected at random, and you will soon be able to do that in your Account page.

You can click on any tournament listed in either chart to go to the results for that tournament.

Click on More Charts … will provide more information on additional charts available on GOLFstats.

BELOW THE CHARTS AREA is Search by Nationality, and Search by Tour.

Search by Nationality will allow you to search the entire GOLFstats database for any results by a player of a certain nationality. Just click on a flag, and click on GO.



Search by Tour lets you get the results by Tour for a particular year. Just select the Tour, the Year, and click on GO.


In the upper left corner is the user info widget.

Here you can see the date, be reminded of your name, see your membership status,

and see buttons to view and manage your account, upgrade your membership (if you are not an ULTIMATE member), and logout from the system. There is also a system message area



Underneath that is the LATEST POSTS Widget.

Here you can see the latest posts for GOLFstats, identified with a NEW or UPDATED tag (if new or updated in the past 5 days).




Then we have the Saved Searches widget. 

If you are a Pro or Ultimate user, you have the ability to save your searches for easy access and retrieval. On the search results screens, there is a SAVE option in the header bar. Click SAVE and you can name your search.

All your saved searches will then show up in this widget. Just click to go right back to that saved search.






Finally, we have the GOLF NEWS widget.

GOLFstats continually searches the Internet for golf news articles. Links to these articles are posted here, 24 hours a day. Just click on a link to bring up an article.

The article will typically appear superimposed on the page.

To the right or left of the window are arrows.

Click those to scroll to the next article or previous article in the list.

Click the X in the upper right corner to close the window.

See the yellow circles below for the arrows and X.





We hope you enjoy the new GOLFstats dashboard.