TPC Twin Cities Key Fantasy Stats

3M Open

July 23rd – 26th, 2020

TPC Twin Cities

Blaine, MN

Par: 71 / Yardage: 7,468

Purse: $6.6 million

with $1,188,000 to the winner

Defending Champion:
Matthew Wolff

by Sal Johnson

Founder, Chief Data Officer, GOLFstats

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This is based on the most vital stats from Detroit Golf Club, based on data from last year’s Rocket Mortgage and using data from all the players in the field with stats from 2020.
Last year was the first year of the 3M open and the first time TPC Twin Cities was used in a PGA Tour tournament. It had been a popular venue for a Champions Tour event and when switched to the PGA Tour last year remained successful. The one thing about the course, it played last year to a 69.45 scoring average, which is a hot and a half below its par. Ranking wise it’s T-36th hardest on the PGA Tour as seven other courses that were the only course in a certain event played. With the course playing that easy, it’s not surprising to see that the course had more birdies made on it (1,976) than any other course in 2019.
Of the 46 tournaments played in 2019, Matthew Wolff’s 21 under par winning total was one of 18 scores at 20 under par and better.
Tournament officials that set up the course last year were happy at the results, so we won’t see any differences this year. Because it’s summertime the course is dry and fast, that along with the low humidity offered in Minnesota this time of year and temperatures in the 90s will keep scores low. Despite the course having five holes with sharp doglegs meaning players have to be careful off the tee, the course is still considered a bombers haven. The greens are a bit small at 6,500 square feet but very manageable. Again look for players to find the greens in regulation and have deceit putts at birdies. In its first year, 1,976 birdies were made making it the course with the most birdies made in 2019. 52 eagles were also made, good for a course with only three par 5s.
No changes to the course or setup this year and with a week of perfect weather

In looking at our four categories, we have picked four which is needed to win. First, we will use Strokes Gained Tee-the-Gree in which it looks at the combination of length of drive off the tee, accuracy, and ability to hit greens. Last year the average drive was 302.4 yards for all drives and ranked 39th meaning that only seven other courses on the Tour saw longer driving averages. As for accuracy off the tee, the course was 36th with 65.97% of the drives in the fairway. Looking at last year’s winner Matthew Wolff, he ranked 36th in Driving Distance and T-31st in Accuracy so he ranked 1st in Strokes Gained Tee-to-Green.
Our 2nd category is Greens in Regulation. This is a type of course that greens are pretty easy to hit in regulation so TPC Twin Cities was ranked 42nd on tour with 73.38% of the greens hit. So this shows that a lot of players hit the greens last year. The winner Wolff hit 60 of 72 for 83.33% which ranked T-6th. Kevin Streelman. hit the most greens, 64 of the 72, but finished T-34th.
Our 3rd category is Strokes Gained Putting which is an important part of the game. Last year the putting average at TPC Twin Cities was 1.78 which ranked 40th. It averaged 29.28 putts per round which ranked it 19th and in the important inside ten feet it ranked 33rd. Wolff took 115 putts which ranked T-25th and in Strokes Gained Putting he was 39th. In the important putts made inside 10 feet, Wolff made 65 of 71 and ranked T-27th.
The last category is Par Breakers. As we said earlier in this piece 1,976 birdies were made on the course, the course with the most birdies made on it all year. It had a total of 52 eagles, which ranked 43rd at it ranked 39th in Par Breakers. Lashley made the most birdies of anyone in the field, 28 so his Par Breakers rank is 1st. Now Wolff made 26 birdies and one eagle as he was 1st in Par Breakers.
Wolff had an epic battle with Bryson DeChambeau and his eagle on the 72nd hole was the reason he won the tournament by a shot.

*Strokes Gained Tee-to-Green: Combination of distance off the tee, accuracy off the tee and hitting greens

*Greens in Regulation: Number of greens hit in regulation.

*Strokes Gained Putting: Gives the equivalent to putting based on strokes gained or lost

*Par Breakers: Who makes the most birdies and eagles per round.

Of the 156 players in the field, 127 have stats on the PGA Tour for 2020.

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    The ranking # is not corresponding with the total rank all categories.

  2. Sorry, I forgot a step by not sorting to get the right rank. Have fixed it.

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    Sal is it possible we can get a feature that allows us to change the number based on what stat we’re sorting by?

  4. If you go to the top and the title, it sorts on each category. Just hit it and you will see it sort

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    Correct. But the number all the way on the left stays the same. So if I sort by par breakers, Charley Hoffman is number 5, but the number all the way on the left remains 8 (his rank for all categories)

  6. That’s because he is always the 8th rank guy. The number on the left can’t change to give the ranking of parbreakers, sorry that is beyond the capabilities of the program. So that number on the left is always the rank of total points. Hope you understand.

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    No big deal! Still great info to have!

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