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By Jeff Aaron, Sal Johnson & Jason Price

So how many of you do Pick your Pro?

There are several different premises to the game; for some of them, you have to make the picks all at once before the year begins, while for some, you make them the day before the tournament starts.  But the focus of the game is that you can pick one guy for the event, and the player you pick, you can’t pick him again.  The goal is for your players to make more money than anyone else in the game, Whatever he wins is what you make.  So if the pro wins, he makes you a lot of money, but if he misses the cut, you make zero.

The game is really hard to pick, how many times have I picked the best player in the world, and he misses the cut?  At the PGA Championship, I picked Scottie Scheffler, who was coming off four wins in six starts, the last being the Masters.  Guess what?  He missed the cut.  The same holds for Brian Harman, how many people took him for the British Open?

Now for the rules of the game:

Each team picks up one player and earns the paycheck that the player cashes in the given tournament. A multiplier of 175% will be added to your golfer’s winnings for each of the 4 majors.

The Catch:

No participant may use any player more than once over the course of our season.  For example, If Sal uses Justin Thomas in the Masters.  He may not use Justin Thomas for the remainder of the year (unless he pulls Thomas back after a win).

If you pick the winner of any event, you may pull-back any player that you’ve used to that point.  So if Jason uses Justin Thomas at the Masters and Thomas wins, as a bonus, Jason can pull back any player that he’s already used and play him again at any point in the future.  No player can be pulled back more than once per season, and you must use 4 different players at the 4 majors.


Our season begins with the Sentry Tournament of Champions and ends with The Tour Championship the last week in August.  There are 33 official “Golf League” events for our 2024 season.  We do not play the Zurich Classic of New Orleans due to the unique format used for this tournament.

Our Game:

So over the course of the year, we are going to have our own GolfStats pick your pro in which three of us each week will pick a player, and we will keep track to see who does it the best or who you shouldn’t listen to.  Now, the three folks who are making the picks are myself, GolfStats managing partner Jason Price, and Jeff Aaron, who used to be one of the country’s top sports DJs at KRKO in Seattle.  “The Fish,” as we call him, was on the radio for 16 years before moving to Phoenix and starting his Pub Trivia Company in several Arizona bars and restaurants.

The Three of us have a deadly passion for Golf and Golf gambling, so we will be good guides for you.

So here is the first week of GolfStats Pick your Pro.


First up with his picks is Jeff “The Fish” Aaron

His pick: Tom Kim

Why he picked him? Looking for good vibes, good memories, and BIRDIES!  Kim checks most of the boxes to get the season rolling. T-5th last year and not wanting to burn Sheffler, Morikawa in week #1, thus looking for a contender who can win…win with KIM, Tom Kim!

Next up is myself

My pick: Scottie Scheffler

Why he picked him? The Sentry is now one of the eight “Signature” events on the PGA Tour in 2024.  With that is a first-place check for $2.7 million, and the rest of the field will get good-sized checks.  So, since there is a lot of money on the line this week, I am looking to use one of the best players in the world and get off to a great start.  Not only is Scheffler a great striker of the ball, but in his last start last month in the Bahamas, he won on a course on the ocean and with those types of conditions you find on Maui.  So a Scheffler win will get me off to a great start of the year

Next up with his picks is Jason Price

His pick: Max Homa

Why he picked him? Coming off a sensational 2022-2023 season with two wins and 13 top 10 finishes, I see Homa kicking the season off with a win in Hawaii, where he has played well the last 3 tournaments finishing T-3rd, T-15th, and T-25th.  A trend line that is looking favorable.   His putting isn’t too shabby either – ranked in the top 10 for Total Putting and Strokes Gained: Putting – which is critical at Kapalua and its large greens.


So hope you enjoy this new feature that will be around each week.

If you have any suggestions or your picks, drop us a comment below.


  1. Rick Nowosad says

    It isn’t explained how or where you make your pick so I must assume this is the portal that works.

    I’ll go with Schauffele

  2. Rick, this is going to be like our weekly stats, the three of us are going to pick one pro each week. Lots of people play pick your pro.

  3. I am a rookie. Be kind! 😉

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