About Us

GolfStats LLC is a subscription-based golf statistics and information service incorporated in Delaware.

GolfStats was founded by Sal Johnson in 1996. Sal’s experience in golf media, analysis and statistics includes previous positions at ABC Sports, Sky Sports, Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, Golf World, GolfWeek, and Sports Illustrated. GolfStats provides access to the largest golf results database available online via a unique and proprietary set of searches, reports, and charts.

The GolfStats database includes tournament round by round results and performance statistics for the PGA Tour, The Champions Tour, The Korn Ferry Tour, The European Mens Tour, The U.S. LPGA, and the 4 Mens Professional Major Championships (The Masters, United States Open, Open Championship, and the PGA Championship).

GolfStats is updated daily, and currently consists of over 2.6 million records in its database, including

Tour Database
PGA Tour Results – back to 1970
Performance Stats – back to 1997
The Majors Masters – back to 1934
U.S. Open – back to 1895
Open Championship – back to World War II
PGA Championship – Back to 1916, stroke play years back to 1958
European Tour Results – back to 1990
Performance Stats – back to 2009
LPGA Results – back to 1963
Performance Stats – back to 2009
Champions Tour Results – back to 1990
Performance Stats – back to 2000
Player Database Over 6,000 player bios

GolfStats staff and contributors: 

  • Sal Johnson – Founder, Managing Partner, and Chief Data Officer – Sal@GolfStats.com
  • Jason Price – CEO, Managing Partner – Jason@GolfStats.com
  • Ed Pattermann – Contributor Emeritus

We appreciate your interest in our company and our services, and if there is anything we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact Sal or Jason via the email addresses above.

Thank you.

Sal and Jason