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We do weekly Performance Charts and Preview & Picks of every PGA TOUR Event and Men’s Majors.

We also do weekly Performance Charts for European Tour events.

See some examples below;

We provide Tools for doing your own Data Analysis and Building your Weekly Fantasy Teams (like for DraftKings or any golf fantasy game).

These tools include

  • Competitor Handbook
  • Prior Tournaments
  • Horses for Courses
  • Course Stats
  • Boss of the Moss

Each tool allows you to interactively pick players and cumulatively add up their DraftKings point value so you know how much $$$ you still have to spend.

Examples shown here;

Want to analyze the data for yourself? For annual members, we provide a data download service in CSV format. See
We provide extensive detail on Tournaments on ALL Tours – past results and historical stats
We also have the most extensive Player Database in existence.

Our database is the most extensive golf results database anywhere. We have been building and maintaining this database for over 30 years.

The database includes

PGA Tour Results – back to 1970
Performance Stats – back to 1997
The Majors Masters – back to 1934
U.S. Open – back to 1895
Open Championship – back to World War II
PGA Championship – Back to 1916, stroke play years back to 1958
European Tour Results – back to 1990
Performance Stats – back to 2009
LPGA Results – back to 1963
Performance Stats – back to 2009
Champions Tour Results – back to 1990
Performance Stats – back to 2000
Player Database Over 4,400 player bios
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