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Welcome to GOLFiQ - a new set of Premium Services from GOLFstats designed for the serious Daily Fantasy Player or Golf Bettor - designed to give you Intelligenxe for Fantasy GOLF and Golf Betting. GOLFiQ members will have access to all of GOLFstats plus these additional GOLFiQ services listed below. GOLFiQ members will also have the ability to download 4 years of data (an increase from one year in our regular membership) via our Data Export service.

GOLFiQ represents a significant investment by GOLFstats in terms of development, updating and maintenance. Therefore, instead of raising the pricing for all members, we have decided to charge an increment for access to the GOLFiQ Tools. Pricing for GOLFiQ is $239.95 per year, or $39.95 per month. Again, GOLFiQ includes access to ALL OF GOLFstats, plus the new GOLFiQ Tools. For a Video Tour of GOLFstats GOLFiQ, CLICK HERE
GOLFiQ Player GuideGOLFiQ MatrixGOLFiQ DraftKings Data
An enhanced Competitor Handbook with detailed commentary, previews, strengths and weaknesses, and performance results for months, seasons, west coast swing, florida swing, course length, greens type, and much more. Data is updated weekly and includes results for the past 12 months and the players career numbers. Using all the data from the enhanced GOLFiQ Player Guide, the matrix then pulls that data from players of your choosing into a table, where you can compare players against each other using all available statistics in a spreadsheet format with sortable columns. Use the Matrix to slice and dice the data to compare players and gain insight. This GOLFiQ DraftKings Data page allows you to view in depth Draftkings statistics for individual players over the past 12 months, as well as for all Players in this weeks field, and Top 10, 25 and 50 in the World. View players performance using their average salaries, average points per tournaments, and other DraftKings variables used to calculate a players points. We also calculate our exclusive DraftKings SP Ratio (like PE ratio, Salary per Point) over the past 12 months, and DraftKings Points per $1,000 of Salary.
CLICK HERE for the Player Guide CLICK HERE for the Matrix CLICK HERE for DraftKings Data
GOLFiQ Composite RankingsGOLFiQ Data DownloadGOLFiQ Hole by Hole Scores
Composite Rankings allow you to select 4 PGA TOUR statistics, out of the 36 we have available, such as Birdie Average, Strokes Gained Putting, Par 5 Scoring Average, etc, and then rank the current field, or Top 100 in the World, by a composite ranking comprised of how the players currently rank in each of the 4 statistics. It is very easy to use but delivers significant insight in picking players. Download Capabilities - GOLFiQ members have the ABILITY to down up to 4 years of GOLFstats Data. Click on the link below for more info and to download the data. Hole by Hole Scores for All Mens Majors and PGA TOUR events going back to 1987. Exclusive for GOLFiQ Members. Available via the link below, and also, on any tournament scores page, Edge members will see a "hole by hole scores" link for each player, at the end of the players score row, in the "More Info" column.
CLICK HERE for Composite Rankings CLICK HERE for Data Dwnload CLICK HERE for Hole by Hole Scores

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