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We have all heard the term "Horses for Courses". It is used quite often in golf, and it represents the fact that some players just seem to play well on certain courses, year in and year out. This page allows you to pick a field (set of players to show results for), pick a course (default is course for the Tournament selected - but you can choose ANY course, like "Pebble"), and then see how that field performs on that course - with the goal to find players that will perform well for your team. The table can be sorted by any column, and you can filter results for a certain salary value, number of years on the course, and number of rounds on the course. We also approximate the scoring values for DraftKings.
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GOLFstats IQ - Horses for Courses

This will determine what players are shown in the table. Tournaments listed are ones we have a field for. Fields are uploaded by 4pm EST on Mondays.

Leave blank to use course this years tournament (in previous step) is being played on - or enter ANY other course name (all or partial, like Pebble)

Only players with this number of rounds or greater on this course will be listed. Default (0) lists all.
DraftKingsStarsDraft (formerly Victiv)
"Avg Pts/Rd" totals below are computed using only Eagles, Birdies, Pars, Bogeys, Doubles and Others. Holes in One and Double Eagles are counted as Eagles.
Triples or Worse counted as Others. DraftKings and StarsDraft Salaries updated by 4pm EST on Mondays.

Check this box then use arrows to enter Max Salary for either DraftKings: or StarsDraft:
For when you want to limit the players shown to just those underneath a certain salary figure.
Do you want the headers to stick at the top of the page as you scroll?