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Where Winners Come From will show the position of the winner of the tournament after every round. You can pick a tournament, a player, or both. You can also pick a tour. You can also pick a year min and a year max. You can also choose the Type of results. You can see just the Winners position, or any position when you pick a player. For instance, choosing Phil Mickelson in the Masters, and Type=ANY, will show you Phil's position after every round he has played in The Masters. Once you see the results, you will initially see the graph of the position after round 3 (entering the final round). You can also click the circles to see the graph display the position after the first round or second round. Play around with it a bit, and you will get the hang of it. For additional info, check out the video tutorial on our HELP PAGE

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YOUR SEARCH: Shaw Charity Classic, All Years (9 results)

Note: Each table entry shows "Place (Score/Shots Behind Leader)" after each round, and (Score/Shots Ahead) for Final Round
Tournament ^vDate ^vPlayer ^vScore ^vRound 1 Finish <= ^vRound 2 Finish <= ^vRound 3 Finish <= ^vFinish ^v
Averages 9.23.611
Shaw Charity ClassicAug 07, 2022Jerry Kelly2017 (68/4SB)2 (66/1SB)1 (67/T)Win (67/PLF)
Shaw Charity ClassicAug 15, 2021Doug Barron1923 (64/2SB)1 (64/1SH)1 (64/2SH)Win (64/2SH)
Shaw Charity ClassicSep 01, 2019Wes Short, Jr.1974 (64/3SB)2 (67/1SB)1 (66/1SH)Win (66/1SH)
Shaw Charity ClassicSep 02, 2018Scott McCarron1956 (67/3SB)4 (65/3SB)1 (63/1SH)Win (63/1SH)
Shaw Charity ClassicSep 03, 2017Scott McCarron1942 (63/1SB)1 (64/2SH)1 (67/1SH)Win (67/1SH)
Shaw Charity ClassicSep 04, 2016Carlos Franco19211 (66/4SB)2 (63/3SB)1 (63/2SH)Win (63/2SH)
Shaw Charity ClassicAug 09, 2015Jeff Maggert19415 (67/5SB)3 (63/2SB)1 (64/4SH)Win (64/4SH)
Shaw Charity ClassicAug 31, 2014Fred Couples19534 (68/6SB)16 (66/4SB)1 (61/T)Win (61/PLF)
Shaw Charity ClassicSep 01, 2013Rocco Mediate1911 (63/1SH)1 (64/2SH)1 (64/7SH)Win (64/7SH)