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Where Winners Come From will show the position of the winner of the tournament after every round. You can pick a tournament, a player, or both. You can also pick a tour. You can also pick a year min and a year max. You can also choose the Type of results. You can see just the Winners position, or any position when you pick a player. For instance, choosing Phil Mickelson in the Masters, and Type=ANY, will show you Phil's position after every round he has played in The Masters. Once you see the results, you will initially see the graph of the position after round 3 (entering the final round). You can also click the circles to see the graph display the position after the first round or second round. Play around with it a bit, and you will get the hang of it. For additional info, check out the video tutorial on our HELP PAGE

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YOUR SEARCH: Travelers Championship, PGA Tour, All Years (53 results)

Note: Each table entry shows "Place (Score/Shots Behind Leader)" after each round, and (Score/Shots Ahead) for Final Round
Tournament ^vDate ^vPlayer ^vScore ^vRound 1 Finish <= ^vRound 2 Finish <= ^vRound 3 Finish <= ^vFinish ^v
Travelers ChampionshipSep 07, 1970Bob Murphy267T-1 (66/T)1 (66/1SH)1 (66/4SH)Win (69/4SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJul 27, 2003Peter Jacobsen266T-1 (63/T)1 (67/1SH)1 (69/1SH)Win (67/2SH)
Travelers ChampionshipAug 15, 1982Tim Norris2591 (63/1SH)1 (64/3SH)1 (66/4SH)Win (66/6SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 26, 1994David Frost268T-1 (65/T)2 (68/1SB)T-1 (66/T)Win (69/1SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJul 29, 1984Peter Jacobsen269T-4 (67/2SB)T-1 (69/T)1 (63/1SH)Win (70/2SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 25, 1995Greg Norman267T-8 (67/3SB)T-1 (64/T)1 (65/3SH)Win (71/2SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJul 02, 2006J.J. Henry266T-23 (68/3SB)T-13 (68/4SB)1 (63/2SH)Win (67/3SH)
Travelers ChampionshipAug 18, 1974Dave Stockton268T-1 (65/T)1 (65/2SH)1 (69/3SH)Win (69/4SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 25, 2017Jordan Spieth2681 (63/1SH)1 (69/1SH)1 (66/1SH)Win (70/PLF)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 30, 1996D.A. Weibring270T-11 (68/4SB)2 (65/1SB)1 (70/1SH)Win (67/4SH)
Travelers ChampionshipAug 17, 1975Don Bies267T-2 (65/1SB)T-1 (66/T)1 (67/1SH)Win (69/PLF)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 22, 2008Stewart Cink262T-12 (66/2SB)1 (64/1SH)1 (65/2SH)Win (67/1SH)
Travelers ChampionshipAug 22, 1976Rik Massengale2661 (65/2SH)1 (65/1SH)T-1 (70/T)Win (66/2SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 28, 1987Paul Azinger269T-27 (69/5SB)T-3 (65/4SB)1 (63/3SH)Win (72/1SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 23, 2019Chez Reavie2637 (65/1SB)2 (66/2SB)1 (63/6SH)Win (69/4SH)
Travelers ChampionshipAug 07, 1977Billy Kratzert265T-8 (66/2SB)4 (66/2SB)1 (64/2SH)Win (69/3SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJul 24, 1988Mark Brooks269T-5 (66/2SB)1 (65/1SH)T-1 (69/T)Win (69/PLF)
Travelers ChampionshipAug 01, 1999Brent Geiberger262T-14 (66/3SB)T-1 (63/T)1 (66/3SH)Win (67/3SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 26, 2011Freddie Jacobson260T-6 (65/65SB)T-5 (66/4SB)1 (63/1SH)Win (66/1SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 26, 2022Xander Schauffele2613 (63/1SB)1 (63/5SH)1 (67/1SH)Win (68/2SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJul 01, 2001Phil Mickelson264T-19 (67/5SB)T-19 (68/3SB)1 (61/1SH)Win (68/1SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJul 27, 1980Howard Twitty266T-18 (68/6SB)T-6 (66/2SB)1 (63/2SH)Win (69/PLF)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 27, 1993Nick Price271T-6 (67/2SB)T-11 (70/5SB)T-2 (69/1SB)Win (65/1SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 28, 2015Bubba Watson2641 (62/2SH)1 (67/2SH)2 (68/1SB)Win (67/PLF)
Travelers ChampionshipAug 07, 2016Russell Knox2669 (67/3SB)5 (67/1SB)2 (64/3SB)Win (68/1SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 24, 2007Hunter Mahan2651 (62/2SH)3 (71/1SB)2 (67/1SB)Win (65/PLF)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 28, 2009Kenny Perry258T-1 (61/T)1 (68/1SH)2 (66/1SB)Win (63/3SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 28, 2020Dustin Johnson26179 (69/9SB)20 (64/6SB)2 (61/2SB)Win (67/1SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJul 02, 2000Notah Begay III260T-1 (64/T)T-1 (65/T)2 (67/3SB)Win (64/1SH)
Travelers ChampionshipSep 06, 1971George Archer268T-24 (68/5SB)T-2 (66/2SB)T-3 (68/1SB)Win (66/PLF)
Travelers ChampionshipAug 21, 1983Curtis Strange268T-40 (69/5SB)1 (62/1SH)3 (69/2SB)Win (68/1SH)
Travelers ChampionshipSep 03, 1973Billy Casper264T-10 (67/4SB)T-2 (65/1SB)T-3 (68/1SB)Win (64/1SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJul 28, 1985Phil Blackmar271T-72 (72/8SB)T-25 (67/7SB)T-3 (64/3SB)Win (68/PLF)
Travelers ChampionshipJul 30, 1978Rod Funseth264T-3 (65/1SB)T-5 (67/4SB)3 (68/1SB)Win (64/4SH)
Travelers ChampionshipAug 12, 1979Jerry McGee267T-17 (68/6SB)T-4 (67/4SB)T-3 (67/1SB)Win (65/1SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJul 01, 1990Wayne Levi267T-19 (67/4SB)T-7 (66/2SB)T-3 (67/1SB)Win (67/2SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJul 05, 1998Olin Browne266T-10 (67/3SB)T-7 (66/3SB)T-4 (66/2SB)Win (67/PLF)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 27, 2010Bubba Watson266T-6 (65/1SB)T-10 (68/7SB)T-4 (67/6SB)Win (66/PLF)
Travelers ChampionshipJul 09, 1989Paul Azinger267T-1 (65/T)T-8 (70/3SB)T-4 (67/1SB)Win (65/1SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 23, 2002Phil Mickelson266T-33 (69/5SB)T-13 (67/4SB)T-5 (66/5SB)Win (64/1SH)
Travelers ChampionshipAug 16, 1981Hubert Green264T-31 (68/5SB)T-8 (65/4SB)T-5 (67/3SB)Win (64/1SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJul 27, 1997Stewart Cink267T-31 (69/5SB)10 (67/7SB)5 (65/4SB)Win (66/1SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 23, 2013Ken Duke26848 (69/8SB)32 (68/7SB)6 (65/2SB)Win (66/PLF)
Travelers ChampionshipAug 29, 2004Woody Austin270T-16 (68/6SB)T-24 (70/6SB)T-6 (66/3SB)Win (66/PLF)
Travelers ChampionshipSep 04, 1972Lee Trevino269T-2 (64/1SB)T-1 (68/T)T-6 (72/3SB)Win (65/PLF)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 24, 2018Bubba Watson26379 (70/7SB)8 (63/3SB)6 (67/6SB)Win (63/3SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 27, 2021Harris English26715 (67/4SB)20 (68/4SB)6 (67/2SB)Win (65/PLF)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 22, 2014Kevin Streelman26562 (69/7SB)39 (68/8SB)7 (64/4SB)Win (64/1SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJul 28, 1991Billy Ray Brown271T-6 (67/3SB)T-36 (72/7SB)T-8 (65/3SB)Win (67/PLF)
Travelers ChampionshipAug 28, 2005Brad Faxon266T-42 (69/5SB)T-68 (71/12SB)T-10 (65/7SB)Win (61/PLF)
Travelers ChampionshipAug 02, 1992Lanny Wadkins274T-20 (68/4SB)T-19 (70/4SB)T-17 (71/5SB)Win (65/2SH)
Travelers ChampionshipJul 06, 1986Mac O'Grady269T-57 (71/7SB)T-38 (69/10SB)T-18 (67/5SB)Win (62/PLF)
Travelers ChampionshipJun 24, 2012Marc Leishman266T-25 (68/4SB)T-8 (66/3SB)T-20 (70/6SB)Win (62/1SH)