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Who We Are!

Access the SAME ONLINE SERVICE preferred by Golf Researchers, Fantasy Players, Historians, Media, Writers, Journalists, Reporters, Bettors, Handicappers, and GOLF FANS all around the WORLD!

Follow your favorite players across ALL TOURS, and all your favorite Tours and Tournaments, including The Masters, US Open, British Open and PGA Championship, including the complete history and results of every event.
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GOLFstats gives you golf results and statistics not available elsewhere, with industry-leading reports and charts.

We provide tournament round by round results and player round by round results, player career and performance stats, tournament and career results and statistics, charts, and reports for players and tournaments on these Golf Tours and these Majors;
  • PGA Tour (back to 1970)
  • The Champions Tour (back to 1990)
  • The European Mens Tour (back to 1990)
  • The U.S. LPGA (back to 1963)
  • The Masters (back to 1934)
  • United States Open (back to 1895)
  • The Open Championship (back to 1946)
  • The PGA Championship (back to 1916)

We also provide golf news from newspapers and websites around the world, in one convenient location.

We update GOLFstats on a daily basis, and are constantly working to improve the site, and add more reports and features.
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